Reply To: What is the latest Pumpkins related item you bought? (cont.)

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On Arthur wrote:
Missed out on that EU copy of the celstials, cant believe it went for £105![/quote:34qx4ycl]
Can’t believe it too. I’m happy to have found that EU/NL promo already outside eBay (for 1/3 of that price, which seems OK to me) but I’m still looking for the US Panopticon promo. I refuse to pay more than $100.00 for Panopticon, but so far they all go beyond my limits. What is it with the Oceania promos? :?[/quote:34qx4ycl]

I really want Panopticon too, any Celestials promo will do me.

I guess people are panic buying them due to not knowing how rare they are. Im sure a good few more of each will pop up sooner or later[/quote:34qx4ycl]
I’m with you. Patiently waiting for our chances. :)

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