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OH! how could i forget! my worst pet peeve ever….. when people pop popcorn here at work and they BURN it! omg it stinks soooo bad!!! it makes me want to barf!!! i wish they would make a no popcorn allowed rule!!! and some people bring some kind of superduper extra butter crapcorn and that makes me sick too! it smells like fake chemical butter or something it is toxic! yuk![/quote:fs7t4pew]
:lol: reminds me of the popcorn story from 3 weeks ago…I was helping my son do homework and the microwave finished popping thing I know I hear it going again. My youngest turned it on for a few minutes, yes minutes and it caught on could have lit a cigarette off that fire :lol: It was so smokey and disgusting..totally wanted to just poor children couldn’t stand the stench either. And the microwave still