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WTF? I have the opposite for mine:

‘the price of Gish has increased from $23.75 to $24.12 ‘
‘the price of Siamese Dream has increased from $24.01 to $24.48 ‘

I know it’s only a small amount, but why does it go up when your prices go down? :?

The message you’re receiving of the prices increasing are likely appearing in your "Cart". Your cart will alert you of any increasing or decreasing of price while the item is in your cart.

Arthur received the same message that I did. This is due to when you placed your preorder. Amazon’s policy is that from the point of pre-order, regardless of the price at the time of preorder, they will only charge you their lowest selling price from that date to the day it’s released. If you place your order and the price is 28 something, and at some point along the way to release date the price drops to 22 something, they will only charge you 22 something when they ship it out = a savings of $5ish.

I hope that helps. I love their preorder policy 8) I don’t ever have to worry about a lower price because I know that I’ll get the absolute lowest.