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So far Easter has been nice… Yesterday we went to Schiphol to arrange the payment for a flight ticket, then we went on a Lelystad-revisited tour as Shannen was there in 2000 with her brother (funny story how they got there :wink: ) then we went on to my parents in the north of The Netherlands. There we did a really nice bicycle trip, and we were invited to go to an Indonesian restaurant (it was my mum’s birthday a week ago, see). It was awesome, we almost exploded! I had a spicy fish soup as a starter, and the main course was almost 20 different dishes, from beef to fish to lamb to goat to chicken, all types of vegetables, and 2 types of rice, and gado gado… Then a sorbet ice cream as a dessert… Yummy! :lol:

Today however is a relaxing day. :)

Hope you all enjoy Easter also![/quote:2mr2fjff]

What a great day you guys had, and congrats on your mothers birthday, even though its a week ago. :)
Ive never tried Indonesian food before, sounds like its similar to Chinese food, right, or ?
It sounds very yummi for sure! :)

For me, well boyfreind and i went to my parrents place last night, we had typically Danish tradition easter food.My mom did this rack of lamb, most delicious.She stuffed it with a lot of garlic and some sort of marinade the day before.
We had it served with big salat buffe bar, baked potatoes, and homemade breed and homemade garlicbutter.I ate so much i thought i would pop.For dessert we had homemade lemon ice, holy crap that was nice :shock:
At one point my boyfreind was crying about he wanted 2 stomachs ( like a cow) so he could stuff more food in his face hehe.

Early today we went to my boyfreinds mom´s place, we had some tea and some cake and more chocolate.
Then a couple of hours ago he was called to work cos he had to fix some sort of a machine that went broken, not the best way to end the easter, oh well. :)

In loving memory of Bimbolin.