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Updated ownerslist. Based on the CR01 copies around that are confirmed, there are 6 sets at least. I’m still puzzled if 1 of the sets from Aspecialkid, O’Doyle rules and Mike Roche ended up in the hands of Bram and/or me.

Complete sets

Arthur: CR01 CR02 CR03 CR04 (via Virgin representative -> Shawn)
Bram: CR01 CR02 CR03 CR04 (via eBay -> Derek)
Aspecialkid: CR01 CR02 CR03 CR04
O’Doyle rules: CR01 CR02 CR03 CR04
Mike Roche: CR01 CR02 CR03 CR04

Incomplete sets

Bram: CR01 CR02 CR03 (CR01 via eBay, CR02 & CR03 via eBay -> Ayoe)
Eazye121: CR01 CR03
Store -> Recast As Child: CR03 CR04
Ayoe: CR01 (via eBay)
Shawn: CR01 or CR02 (via eBay)
Billy Corgan: CR04*
Kittykat1979: CR0?
Smashing Turnip: CR0?

*: I assume the copy on MySpace was Billy’s copy. If I remember it correctly, it was just a picture, without a comment whatsoever, so there’s still a small possibility that this is the picture of someone else’s cd. (quote Bram)

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