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Same seller I started with, now this beats all… … 0369080448

However, it is very rare. I’ve seen this go for 700 dollar a few years ago, for 1 of the cds only![/quote:3cn1gq6c]

I can agree its a lot of money, but I remember when the one sold for $700, and even recently one sold for $103.50. Manilla sold his on this message board for $200-300. All of which were the second disc. I tend to wonder what happened to the first disc and how much harder it would be to find just one to complete the set. I figure if you can get one of the disc for under $100, I would feel good about it. The only problem is if you get the second disc then you got 3 other people that I know of that is searching for the first disc….. But anyways somebody paid $600 for this and I would much rather have the Promo CDR’s. … dZViewItem