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Authur are you the new owner of the "Homemade" CD? By the bidding pattern, I would say it’s a positive.[/quote:2vm73gxa]

(That buyer will be, ahem… me, ahem… :wink: )[/quote:2vm73gxa]
And I was send the same pic of the cd too, just to clarify that at least it was a genuine Reprise promo. And it turned out to be one, although the pic is very blurry… But it looked OK to me. Then I put a bid on it, the first and my only bid on this auction with a rather high maximum amount to protect it, Somebody else however, showed some pricey interest later on during the auction… I wonder who! Would it be Pit Boss himself maybe? :wink:

Not my lucky day maybe, but in Euro it’s not that expensive anyway, thanks to the rather good conversion rate these days. So I’m still very happy with it! I won’t start collecting all of them "Asian shop- or homemades" of course, but just to have this colorful one in my collection for reference is kinda cool I think. Whatever you guys (mayo! blue!) might say. :P

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