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Sorry guys, this is the biggest crap I heard this year.

Puffy owns Bad Boys, is asked to do some remixes, for some reasons it is decided to not release them in the Adore era. However, now one of the remixes makes it into the reissue track list. So, what does this tell us? Puffy cuts all middlemen and can talk for himself & Billy’s label, then and now, has no issues releasing a Puffy remix. So it weren’t the 2 labels making things (more) difficult.

It was either a cultural (there was a lot going on around Puff Daddy, Notorious Big, Tupac etc. in those years), a financial or an artistic disagreement, I guess. With only one label involved.[/quote:2ygdgk0q]

it’s not crap. we’re not saying anything other that what you are.

puffy does remixes (either approached or not). remember, billy’s eye demo was originally intended for a collaboration with shaq. :shock:

so, perhaps there is no agreement for whatever reasons, as arthur suggests in ’98 (minus the biggie/tupac feud, which had blown over, and had no bearing to SP at the time).

so now it’s 2014. i’m not sure how that works, but now it’s cool. so whatever. two record labels are still involved and for reasons we will never know, it’s being released.

why is this such a big drama?

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