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interesting. all my non-sp ones (not that many) come with a number.

so you think some of these watermarked cds don’t actually contain a watermark? and they just say the cd is watermarked to stop people from leaking the album? i really wonder if they sometimes do that. it would be cool to find a watermarked release and prove that it doesn’t contain a watermarked.

i compared different copies of TFE and zeitgeist, and none of them were identical. (i made a perfect copy of the audio with EAC, and compared the audio.) so i believe those watermarked releases definitely contained a unique watermark.[/quote:m4hzghug]

yes there are some without watermarks. it’s all about the idea of not getting it in your head to spread the stuff, but watermarking the material sometimes is too much work so then a caveat will work just as well…
dunno if that’s the case for TSP though.
and apparently not for the ones you’ve checked…

btw: some watermarks can’t be checked in the sound file with audio software with audio software as the watermark is embedded in another way.
did you check these with audio software?
a watermark should not easily show up there normally – there’s specialised software to find these. if the audio in any way is different, it would seem to indicate there’s at least a different sequencing and/or master of something used. watermarks for for example The White Stripes were not detectable with audio software. same goes for NIN.