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about the oceania LP test pressings, are these two entries duplicates?

also, on the 3777 entry, i see the matrix code for side B is listed as "818610010018 Bre2 S-81207 KE 1"
wouldn’t that be more likely to end in "RE 1" instead of "KE 1"? the label also says "re 1".[/quote:1m190oxh]

those are indeed duplicates. i deleted the pictures but forgot to delete the entry. thanks, i’ll fix that.

the Bre2 i thought initially said BreZ, but that made no sense. so then i thought perhaps it is just a fucked up 1. but no. i checked the test press AND the oceania US release and it’s quite clear that it is either BreZ or Bre2. why it would be a 2, i don’t know for sure, but it’s not a 1. that is for sure, at least with my copies. so i went with Bre2.

the KE 1 is an obvious K, not an R. again, i had all the same thoughts here, and it’s a K. i have no idea, again, what this means, but i know it’s a K and not an R.

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