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zeitgeist grey/silver is a bestbuy exclusive, apparently. it comes with 3 bonus tracks (would these be dfa, stellar and zeitgeist?) and a bonus dvd. … id=1766267

i wonder if there will be a german release of this. just like they had a german release of the yellow and purple versions with bonus tracks, on and in that mueller store chain. i think it was that had the same version as (the yellow one), so i guess they would be the one having the grey one as well…[/quote:3cdrc7qj]
Good news, I mean collector-wise… When I saw that grey artwork on, it looked like an official upload instead of some fanmade thingy. And… they have the dvd anyway, which is cool news also! What are the bets for the dvd? Fillmore live compilation? 2007 tour snippets? Zeitgeist track by track interview? Earphoria II?

There were a few moments I thought the bonus dvd could contain the Zeitgeist track by track interview as in September a Warner inhouse dvd surfaced (from Europe if I’m right, telling this by head, I haven’t properly uploaded it yet, though it is on it already, but I received it not so long before my holiday) but anyway, this dvd contains a track called "Generic EPK". Normally EPK means Electronic Press Kit. It is a 12-13 minutes version of the Zeitgeist track by track interview. I haven’t properly looked at it as the vinyl and price guide stuffs came inbetween… Maybe it’s going to be stuffed in the bonus material of the dvd’s?

Talking about vinyl, it’s about time they release the Zeitgeist vinyl also…

But my bet goes to a lot of live material. Hopefully full songs instead of snippets. The best would be a complete show, including Gossamer, Heavy Metal Machine (new version), Superchrist, and some more cool stuffs. We’ll see, I’m happy anyway!

PS nice pic that Zeitgeist collection 8)

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