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hmmm… how can you be sure that it will be taken down? i’ve bought a watermarked promo of thefutureembrace on ebay. and i saw others being sold. i’ve never seen it been taken down.[/quote:385imgi5]
Of course I can’t be sure, this one might slip through. Might not also.

so what’s the plan? tell the record company about the auction, wait until it’s taken down and then show up as the helpful buyer?[/quote:385imgi5]
No, that’s too much work with a kinda uncertain outcome. When my other plan described above doesn’t work, I have another way of getting it. It will cost me a stunning 0.99 UK pounds, being the starting bid. Every bidder has an IP address that can be blocked from going to eBay, so that’s what I will do after each bid. Then I restore eBay’s backup of the minute just before the competitor’s bid. Should work, it’s proven technology.

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