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if you would end up winning this cd, and it arrived sealed, would you dare to open it?[/quote:utnrrvsd]
If I’m right, the auction description says it’s sealed/unopened. When it would arrive in that state, I would leave it unopened (of course I would like to add to that). Besides, it is kinda unplayable anyway, as I understood, and we got scans on already also. So at least for collecting reasons I would leave it unopened. Judging by the blurry pic on eBay, it looks genuine anyway.

Think I told you before, I know the owner of a Dutch Zeitgeist silkcreened promo, the guy told me he couldn’t play it either. He also told me a few times he is not ready to sell it, so I’m leaving him alone for a while… What else can you do huh…

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