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no, they are way better now that others have been getting banned, i think the worst one is pasta, otherwise known as geek nz to you czarina. and the gen disc board is a bit wacky, but they do post alot in other sections and have valid points. they know when to be crazy and when not to be.

plus there are some really funny people over there. and they are nice too, watermellonchip threw me a dance party cause i got over 600 posts. i love dance parties, even though i can’t dance. wasn’t as neat as arthurs bbq (wink wink) but it was nice.[/quote:2u1x3fni]

Arthur’s bbq if i remember was more of a lesbian thing and therefore more of an Arthur thing. :P

and i do think they have improved and slowed down some. and some of the discussion is perfectly fine. i like some of the people there and i post there a bit. i just don’t have too much time to add another board. i’m sure i will be around there more once the semester is over. :roll: and i know- pasta nz has his moments alot.