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would love to know more about this tape…

hmmm, seems correct about the inclusion on PI possibly…
still.. the band has lost the master tapes…[/quote:1d7gykt8]
It’s an old download of mp3 files that I still had in my backlog since 2009, including these 2 blurry pics of DAT TAPE #1 and DAT TAPE #2. The txt file says :

"Thanks to bmaromar for the tapes

so I presumed it are 2 different tapes. If you want I can provide you the 19 mp3 files for an inquiry?[/quote:1d7gykt8]

That’s my tape! I sent it to Rhinowing to upload to

If I recall correctly, the only defference I heard from the actual Mellon Collie CD, was that the intro static to Bodies was longer on the tape than the CD version.

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