Reply To: What is the latest Pumpkins related item you bought? (cont.)

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Tipp-Ex. They do sell that in Mexico, I heard. ;)

I’m not a boot collector, but I found one I had never seen before called Next Of Kins. It contains a lot of the Machina tracks of an April 1999 show and as far as I know, there are not many boots from that period. Let’s hope it’s soundboard quality…[/quote:188l6m8l]

I have seen this one on Ebay

I found it a little bit to expensive, because in th tekst it was saying it was a CDr[/quote:188l6m8l]
20 bucks looked ok to me, but yeah, it said CD-R indeed. But released by Lizard Records. And the case didn’t look home made to me either. Anyway, let’s see. Sometimes it can be worthwhile to take a risk… ;)

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