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:x sounds like something i would see at work though :wink:[/quote:2hdtgju0]

what do you do at your work?
that’s something that i would see too, and take radiographs as well :)[/quote:2hdtgju0]

i register the patients that come into the Emergency Room, so i get to see all the injuries and the gore. a few weeks ago this guy even pulled part of his thumb out of his pocket and tried to hand it to me. he had cut it off. it was pretty gross and no, i didn’t take it. that was ewww. :x

oh, and on Sunday this crazy psych patient came running in all hyped up yelling "i want to go to 2 North, i want to go to the psych ward!" then security came over and we took him into the triage room so i could register him and the tech could take vitals and he kept clenching his fists and acting weird. then when the nurse came in he started acting possessed and was laughing maniacally. then all of a sudden he shouted "BACK DEVIL, BACK DEVIL" and then started laughing weird again. i was so glad they took him away. he was super creepy.