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That’s cool !
That’s why i love to work on a hospital :lol:
Once a patient laid on the hospital bed, ( i was taking him back to the nursery room) asked "Oh you are flying!!! :shock: How can you do that?"

nice :wink: :lol:

we had this one crazy. she was a drunk and a PAC (the psych patients) and she spent the whole time flipping out in the back. she kicked the doctor, spit at the nurses, kept calling everybody bitch, tried to grab at the woman in discharge, and then refused to leave. she wanted a free taxi ride even though she had a big wad of cash. the nurse said no and gave her a free sandwich instead a told her to go. so the women gave the nurse a sloppy drunk kiss, which was ick, and the nurse went out a took a hospital grade wipe used for cleaning equipment and stuff and wiped off her face and neck. then all the nurses and techs in the back came out to see the crazy off. security eventually had to drag her out because she was acting like she was going to start something and before she left she yelled "YOU ALL BETTER NOT FUCK WITH ME ‘CAUSE I’M THE DEVIL."

i guess we get lots of devils here. :wink: