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Yeah… What I heard is they will put Machina and Machina II together as 1 release in 2013… remixed, remastered & tracks put in the right order? Sounds cool.[/quote:1xe55bn7]

The key for me here is remixed and in the right order. He made mention of how unhappy "some people" (I think he means himself) have been with the mixes on Machina. I wonder which mix he’ll use of Try or Glass or HMM etc. and which one he’ll cut and turn into a bonus track. Take for instance he reworked HMM and BSBT for a live setting and I think it was for the better. I’m hoping those were studio mixes he has available for this release. Realistically, Machina and Machina II as one album should be a 3x or 4x LP release that is hopfully in a box of some sort.

Do we know of any additional tracks that were recorded at that time that haven’t been released on the albums or singles as b-sides?