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i see that the scans have been added already:

any chance this isn’t an official release? it looks like it could be a bootleg.

several sources of these exist(ed) online.
i have this on dvd. i think i downloaded it off back in 2009. it’s not unlikely someone got that, or another source, and created this promo-like copy.
right? (like someone did with those \"black sessions\".)

is this a (burned) dvd-r? (like you could make at home?)

[edit] let me word this differently: can you share a screenshot or two of this dvd? it might be a serious upgrade to what is already out there. [/edit]

Well, to be complete, i think this copy comes from a professional source cause the running time appear on top of the screen. No \"Bio Channel\" logo…
the dvd itself is like the Oceania one featuring in the promotional set (blue surface ); is to say a burned copy? today, it’s confusing myself with these \"promotional\" dvd because of the blue surface… and despite the matrix number.
Now with no more info i (we) cannot say if it is an \"official\" or not, an in-house working copy?
is there someone who can help us?

thx! :idea: