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Well, to be complete, i think this copy comes from a professional source cause the running time appear on top of the screen. No "Bio Channel" logo…
the dvd itself is like the Oceania one featuring in the promotional set (blue surface ); is to say a burned copy? today, it’s confusing myself with these "promotional" dvd because of the blue surface… and despite the matrix number.
Now with no more info i (we) cannot say if it is an "official" or not, an in-house working copy?
is there someone who can help us?[/quote:xwvrzl5w]
well, that’s interesting, that there’s no logo and that it has the running time.
that points in the direction of it actually being a real promo. cool!

if the surface is purple or blue, then it’s burned.
this doesn’t mean it’s a bootleg. it just means it hasn’t been factory pressed, like almost all commercial and some promotional releases.
normally, burned copies won’t have a proper matrix number (that is, properly linked to the factory or to the release). there will be a number there, but it’ll just be the number that was on the empty dvd+r or dvd-r. (if you buy a writable dvd in the shop, it’ll also have a "matrix number".)

what could also help with this release is a screenshot/still or two. can you make and share some screenshots? thanks!