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Everybody taking points from Tear should see this. Then stop it, please.[/quote:2km1mj77]

I agree with Arthur.I love that live version. 8)[/quote:2km1mj77]

Amen. i love that version so much! i have listened to that a billion times on my ipod. 8)

Crush [14]
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans [13]
Marquis In Spades [23]
Tear [13] +
Blissed and Gone [6]
As Rome Burns [2]

as for Adore, i think the fact that Billy was able to create an album that stirs up such strong emotions in the listener makes it even better. it might not be the cheeriest album and it does make you sad or want to cry, but the point is- it makes you feel something and it makes feel those emotions strongly just from listening. Billy was able to take all of those feelings he was having with his mothers death, etc. and he was able to translate that into beautiful powerful music that really carries that emotion across. to me Adore is a real masterpiece for that. that’s why i tend to vote up Adore songs. to me this album just has this grand rich sound to it. the songs are all drenched in sadness, but its a beautiful sadness and a beautiful album.