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Crush [13]
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans [15]
Marquis In Spades [24]
Tear [17]
Blissed and Gone [2] –

you be the judge pumpkins ;)



hmm, do we have a winner. i don’t know. :P hmm[/quote:2rxnhppd]

dammit blue! that means nothing. that long ass mellon collie tour was almost exclusively mellon collie songs. and porcelina got more plays in 08 because billy is into playing longer songs these days. (gossamer, unites states, i am 1 part 2, and the floyd cover with the chirping birds that i cant remember the name of right now) and crush is just a little diddy of a song. you cant throw in those little diddy’s every night! for fucks sake blue! think of the children! all that matters is love! and all that other bullshit.

thats my story and im sticking to it! and jon already talked to billy to confirm it. so just give up blue, give up. :P

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