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I know 3 dates for live gigs that are definately worthwhile a release.

24-08-1993 Melody Stockholm Sweden
08-01-1997 GM Place Vancouver Canada
24-01-2000 Vredenburg Utrecht The Netherlands[/quote:pva87iqb]

i hope they release plenty of other live recordings before they ever release these.[/quote:pva87iqb]
Dates, please? What do you suggest, and in what order?[/quote:pva87iqb]
those three shows are good, but the main reason people find them good, is because there’s an FM or TV sourced recording available. the show the day after might have been as good, or maybe even better, but there’s no recording available, or the recording is a fairly crappy audience recording. (so people don’t really enjoy listening it.)

since basically every show since ’95 has been professionally recorded, i think we should go for shows that aren’t out there yet, or not out there yet in good quality. look for similar shows with a good performance and a flawless recording, and release those first.
that’ll be way more interesting than releasing the shows that everyone knows. i mean, i’d also be interested in those, but way less. i’d be paying full price for a small upgrade. nomsayin’?

for example, that raymond revue bar acoustic show billy mentioned: it is out there. and in very good quality. i’m not really waiting for an sprc release of the same show. (i would definitely be if it wasn’t out there yet. or if what’s already out there was flawed.)