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those three shows are good, but the main reason people find them good, is because there’s an FM or TV sourced recording available.[/quote:3txsjk6r]
Yeah, I agree. Then the Rubano Tapes is a better option for a first release. I heard about this just recently, so I looked it up (on, in an interview snippet with Billy dated November 2011):

"We have plans of releasing all sorts of shows through the SPRC, the first of which would be the Rubano tapes of the bands earliest concerts. The hope there is to make a ‘completist’ box set, where everything is in there; false starts on songs, stage banter, rehearsals from 1988. Kevin Dippold is currently putting all that together for release. We may also add the Torey Stern video collection, which includes even the bands first Metro show with Jimmy, not to mention shows of the band pre-Jimmy."

Sounds 8) 8) 8)

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