Reply To: Shannen & Arthur are getting married on 09-09-09

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so are all dutch weddings kind of like that process wise?[/quote:23aavmxs]
Yeah I guess so, I’m not that experienced with getting married. This is my first time, and hopefully only time too. :wink:

One can also get married in a church, but we are not really religious, so we skip that.

it is getting close. in 6 days you will be Mr. and Mrs. SPfreaks. :P[/quote:23aavmxs]
:lol: :lol: :lol:

And thanks last_rose, and believe me, in my head it jumps up and down all the time. Nervous, excited, but firm to go all the way. Over the years that I know Shannen, I have grown to be very attached to her. She is quite something, you know… 8)

On a not-so-sidenote, I was just looking at some pics of the day in April that I proposed her by surprise, and this one is taken on the actual spot, just after the proposal… And look, who was with us! :lol:

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