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Hi Kylie and welcome :) You probably have one of the most beautiful collections ive ever seens, very impressiv really. 8)[/quote:3gv6fey9]
I second every word of this.

kylie, maybe you want to start using the My Collection feature on our website, to keep track of your immense collection. You can also use it for creating a wantlist, and a list of items you are willing to trade/sell. If so, I’m sure you will run into items that are not in our online database.

It would be highly appreciated by me and the other collectors that use My Collection (a few 100 worldwide) if you could send us a pic of the missing item(s), so we can put it online? No rush of course, i can understand that you spend 16 hours a day enjoying that collection you have, and then the rest of the day is used for resting and sleeping, after all that excitement… :wink:

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