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On Pipoka wrote:
isn’t try (v1) already a b-side of untitled???

AHA! disqualified!

(same goes for set the ray to jerry)[/quote:1roq8cwt]
I agree about Try, Try, Try (Alternate version), but not about Set The Ray To Jerry. Technically Set The Ray To Jerry never was on a CD single release. It was on a release called 1979 (which was a single also), but with 6 songs in total on this specific 1979 it’s called an EP. Singles just have 2 or 3 songs at the most. Just my humble opinion…[/quote:1roq8cwt]

i’ve serched for that too, so… i don’t know. ( you can see it here … scog_id=20 )

if i’m breaking the rules, it’s simple, my entrie won’t be considered.