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thats a good plan- top three from each album would be a monster sized list though. :wink: we better all plan on sitcking around here for a long time to come if we are to finish. :P[/quote:3msfutv1]

Yes thats true.We could make a semifinals.We could take all songs who enden up as number 3 and compete against all other number 3 songs, then take those who ends up at number 2 to compete other number 2 songs, then number 1 songs bla bla bla.So top 3 in each division goes to the finals.This is just a crazy idea, but as long as we enjoy ourself playing this game.Of course this will take serveral months but i think it could be fun.Its just a shame Arthur will not see the finals from his home, but from the nursing home :P :wink:

And non of you dare to leave this forum!! :P

In loving memory of Bimbolin.