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*awaiting pictures*[/quote:ovlw1vmz]
Coming, coming… we couldn’t take them ourselves, so a few other people took them. We are waiting for them to send us the downloadlinks! The official photographer made between 500 and 600 pictures! Wow! :lol:

Little update already: it was an awesome day, in all it’s spectacular intimicy. Some things of course went wrong (our preferred wedding car had a window smashed 2 days before the wedding, thank you Dutch hooligans!, the wedding official made some tiny mistakes in her speech (as if we cared, not…) and they almost played the same song twice… and my ego, stubborn father didn’t show up as expected. Unlucky him :P ). But the whole day was big fun and very special. Looking at my girlfriend Shannen (can I say now: my wife Shannen? Guess so! :wink: ) and saying YES to her was very cool. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought beforehand, and the ceremony was over before you know it. Then the photoshoot afterwards took ages, but was fun also. I looked forward to the dinner in the Henricus restaurant, and that was a smasher indeed. We all enjoyed our food! And we were with 6 only, which makes it more fun for us. Tell more when the pics are there OK?

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