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On some pumpkins wrote:
but it just said hello!!! :P[/quote:5yuy5nxv]

it said hello like 15 years ago. that’s a long time for a cat. they don’t live forever :cry:[/quote:5yuy5nxv]

My cat is 15 years old, but his so very sick these days, been running to the vet 3 times the last week.Poor cat has kidney problems :cry:

This friday another blood sample is goin to be taken from him, if the kidney numbers are still to high, we might have to put him down. :cry: Im so fucking sad these days.[/quote:5yuy5nxv]

aww ayoe, im so sorry for you :cry: it’s REALLY hard to have to face something like that. we’ve all been there. i wish your kitty all the best.

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