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that song is not bad honeymade. i’ve never heard of them before.[/quote:28rfnq3x]

Hey, I’m glad that you actually like them!

They started out as a garage/punk-band in 1994 then heavily inspired by MC5 and Iggy and The Stooges amongst others. Over the years they’ve gotten a "cleaner" sound, not the least when they signed with Universal in 1999.

They are from Sweden. Or they WERE. They broke up in 2008 after 7 studio albums and several EP’s and split singles.

I’ve been a major fan of theirs since 1996.

But I think they are pretty established in the States after tours with MC5, Electric Frankenstein and the Datsuns to name a few…?

To again bring out the music-Hitler in me (like my girlfriend always complaints about :roll: ), I will post two more tune you guys should check out. Really.

From 1996.

From 2005.