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hello kitty kat is going to get the minus every time by me…(deep scary voice) leave Sandoz alone…LOL[/quote:1xbp4996]

When Obscured is eliminated maybe ill help Some Pumpkin on his quest to take down Sandoz.I find Sandoz to be a pretty much a medocre song. :wink: :P[/quote:1xbp4996]

my quest is to have hello kitty kat and pissant make it to the finals. i dont know if pissant is going to make it though. since hello kitty kat has been getting some help from mayo, ive been trying to eliminate the competition. so, im picking on sandoz. i really love obscured too. im sad that its gonna go. this is a really hard game. its like having to tell one kid that you love the other one more. sorry timmy, you’re just not cute enough.

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