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i would say the first month was really tough. he had a really big tumor on his chest that affected his ability to walk, eat, and drink. his last day was really sad, i layed with him on the floor all day till my mom got home, and then we took him to the vet. i’ve always had dogs in my life, so unfortunately, i have a lot of experience with this. and his sister is still with us, so in a way, that made it a little easier. i can always talk to her about her brother.

and you had your cat for 15 years, which is a big plus or minus, depending on how you look at it. you got to have a lot of time to make great memories with him, but the goodbye is gonna be extra tough. hang in there ayoe. sending you a hug from 5000 miles away.[/quote:14pu3r89]

Im so sorry to hear this Brandon.They cant give youre pet a kemo treatment, like we humans can get, when they have tumor, there is sadly nothing to do about it.My moms cat (Elisa) died 4 years ago, she had breast cancer, she was only 7 years old.

It just hurts so fucking badly when you see youre pet suffer, like it cant walk/eat and drink.You know this is it, time to say goodbye, i feel for you Brandon, ive never experince this kinda of suffering in my life, untill now, and it hurts so badly.Sending you a hug back, dear.

In loving memory of Bimbolin.