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so, can any info be given on how you found these? i can only assume it required a proper amount of digging. do you have an inside source in the record company somewhere?[/quote:4t6pl1na]
Haha, well, almost. These items come from a very old US friend of me, close to the band with a network in the music business. He provided me with quite a few nice Smashing Pumpkins items over the years, but this time he struck it big, I guess. He never told me how and from who he got the items, just that it is honest business with the managers and whoever within Virgin. So I never asked further, and just let him do the digging… :wink:

BTW, this is a tip for you collectors. I have quite a few of those business friends everywhere around the world, from Australia to South America and the US/Canada region. Keep in touch with them on a regular basis, be nice and friendly, play fair, pay in time, and they will consider you as the #1 on their list to contact when a rare item hits the market. Look beyond eBay, is what I’m saying also. 8)

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