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The first scores of are in!

Firstly, for your information, the 4 judges of each give 1 to 10 points within each of the 8 categories (3 individual badges/pins/passes + 1 bumper sticker + 1 poster + 1 flyer + 1 shirt + 1 setlist). By doing so they each have 440 points total to give away. The highest score 1 member can get from 1 judge is 8 times 10 = 80. Then, finally, the scores of the PMM Team and Billy Corgan will be added to the points already given by the judges of For now, let’s start with the first judge. Here are the points!

This gives us the following top 5 for the moment. Remember, this top 5 can change over the upcoming days!

So this is the score from only one SP judge and we are still waiting on 3 others? I am confused with how the judging works. Shouldn’t the lowest score be 8?

Congrats to the top five. I just about fainted when I saw my points. Thank you for liking my art. I knew Natascha would be up there! You go!

Can’t wait to see the rest of the results. Thanks for posting this