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Three of Arthur’s best now we know what’s what: 8) 8) 8)[/quote:1t6p2m33]
Yeah. And good source you had anyway, that person was well informed. Glad you posted it. :D

And sorry to say it here, but JCC’s album doesn’t do anything for me. I’m totally so not in jazz, yekky! :evil: There are 3 styles of music that have the ugly ability to make me nervous, angry, mad, making me want to destroy things and I’m getting itchy on places where I can not reach. And more of the likes, you get the picture. Those 3 are jazz, classical music (Bach, Beethoven, and that bullshit) and opera. Opera even makes me puke also. :twisted:[/quote:1t6p2m33]

hmm Bach and beethoven are cool. at least the beethoven character at sesam street :)

everything is perfect in disco- town.