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There’s 1 thing I don’t get here. Is this an official deal, approved by the band or Billy Corgan? And secondly, is it a high quality, professional, recording that is being sold?[/quote:3estq6t4]
of course it’s an official deal. how else would they be able to pull this off?

and i’m sure it will be high quality, professional recordings. the quality could be discussed though: it’s not impossible that they try to get these out asap, not spending enough time on mixing it properly, etc.

it would be cool though if they would make a proper cd release. this is, factory pressed cds (maybe limited to 1000 or 2000 copies), and artwork/packaging that is a bit more decent than a recycled cardboard sleeve with a sticker. sells limited cds, and they’re factory pressed and come in a nice digipack. the nice product and the fact that it’s limited makes it ok to ask $25 for it. asking $22 for a cd-r (or two), or $18 for a flac download, seems a bit much for me…