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I see. Although I only see a lot of guessing and wondering so far, I think it’s better to wait to see the first releases to see the daylight, to judge properly. A handmade CD-R with crappy artwork is no addition to my collection either. Factory pressed stuffs is, however.[/quote:35hx759u]
this is from a month ago: … topic_3881

I ordered the first 10 and am still waiting for them to arrive (but I’m in New Zealand). As far as I know they are pressed by Kufala who did the last Pearl Jam and Crowded House tours. If they are the same as these they come in a recycled cardboard slipcase with a sticker with the artwork and tracklisting on the front/back. The actual discs are printed CDRs.[/quote:35hx759u]

Yep, that’s it. I’m real disappointed now. If I’d known these were going to be CDRs I probably wouldn’t have ordered them. $20 for a CDR. Sucks. Probably not going to order anymore of them now. Packaging leaves a lot to be desired too.[/quote:35hx759u]

IF they’re from Kufala, I can give you a heads up, as I own all the Pearl Jam ones. They are top notch quality. Cardboard digipacks with a wraparound sticker with artwork and tracklisting on the back. The discs have printing on them (a picture). They don’t even really look like CDR’s. They look great.[/quote:35hx759u]

Here’s a photo of the first 9 shows:

so apparently the cd-rs aren’t just cd-rs like you would make them at home. the artwork is printed on them. (i don’t have a cd label printer, so i wouldn’t be able to do this myself.)

another thing: maybe they’ll use another company to create the cds. but i doubt it: they’ve used this one for a couple of tours of other bands as well. if not all of them.

ugh, i don’t know.
it might be best to wait until the first are released, as you suggested. INDEEDELY-DOODELY.