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I don’t beleive there is a first and second pressing. The boxes could have been assembled at two different locations and therefore the hinges are different…. or there were two suppliers of hinges to the final assembly line. I purchased my the day it came out at Best Buy and it has the so-called "second pressing" hinges. A promo box I have also has the "second pressing" hinges; one would believe that a promo box would be one of the first off the line.[/quote:2zyy1lia]
there definitely is a first and second pressing.

you’re right though, the boxes in the spfreaks collection have different hinges for the different pressings, but this doesn’t mean this is a correct way to identify different pressings.
the only way you can be sure is if you still have that white label with the barcode. (this is not a sticker, by the way.)