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then I think wow, 31 people spent that much of their time working on their entries – that is a lot.

And for the judges I bet it will be hard to pick from what ever number you get, but the more there is the harder it gets![/quote:zdmj29z7]
Exactly, you hit it right there. We are around 35 entries now (depending on what came in in hard-copy, we still need confirmation on that), and let me tell you, we are truly ENJOYING this! You have send in the most awesome art works for Smashing Pumpkins that I have ever seen, I’m smiling like a madman downloading tons of MB of your works! :lol:

I will make a list here today with your SPfreaks Forum nicks and the number of entries that we have found for each one of you. Then you can confirm we are right or complain if we are wrong. Problems will be solved, don’t worry, everybody gets a fair chance to enter and send in (again). Then we start judging things with 4 SPfreaks all over the world, which takes a few days, as you might understand. Then some or all of your works will go to for the final judgement, which might take another few days. Stay tuned, because somewhere inbetween I will try to post all your works here, for you to enjoy! The rest of the news will be provided by manillascissor. Keep an eye on him too! 8)

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