Reply To: MCIS colour vinyl.Real or fake?

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so I’m still debating to keep this or not, would anyone here be interested in buying it?[/quote:3c5fzigq]
it’s the yellow vinyl, right? for 50 euro? how much would it cost to send it to belgium?[/quote:3c5fzigq]

Yes, it’s the yellow vinyl. Quite beautiful actually. I don’t know how much shipping is here in Europe. I would just be shipping from Rotterdam, so I bet it would be quite cheap. I’ve never shipped vinyl before, I don’t want it to get banged up before you see it – especially the corners. my email is

As for the store, it was an independent. He normally doesn’t accept returns unless something was wrong with the record before purchase. If he knew it was a boot or not, what difference does it make. At least he wasn’t charging too much for a well made 3LP – I’d give him that credit at least.