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On Arthur wrote:
Then the next target will be Sandoz, sandoz…[/quote:p3iph398]

hehe :twisted:

poor Arthur. i think you have an uphill battle on your hands. :wink:[/quote:p3iph398]
If you knew what dirty virtual tricks and real-life treats I have here waiting for those that even think of trying to get Sandoz from the list, I’m sure you would know who puts the flag first on Pisces Iscariot Hill… :wink:

Wanna know a few of them anyway?

-Got some friends in the Hells Angels, and I know most of your home adresses…
-Ban your names or IP adress for a few weeks from this Forum so you cannot vote.
-I might not have the highest IQ, but I’m taller and got at least 25 kg more bodyweight.

Here you go! Place your bets again! Nya nya nya! :twisted:

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