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Well, the Virgin letter speaks of a "CD-Master" given to them at the Munich concert (that was 2000/09/24), and the Machina II vinyl was released on 2000/09/05. So I found the vinyl rip story trustworthy, though funny… Why would Billy want a vinyl rip back of his own release, while he can order to urgently send a proper master from the US if he wants to listen to it, or give it away on the road? Trustworthy, when it was a rather spontaneous action in Munich and the only thing to give away was the cd-r of his friend (Eric Agnew, I understand now). But, when it is indeed a CD-Master as a source to this promo, it might be interesting to check it out anyway. Let’s see, I’ll keep you informed.[/quote:2rc42x33]

1- EA made the transfer, quickly and went on tour in Europe.
2- BC wanted a copy for Mel to listen to.
3- BC asked EA to make these ‘tour’ copy or copies…
4- EA made the cdr BC got
5- this is the ‘too fast’ initial rip of the vinyl
6- BC didn’t have any masters at hand so he asked EA
7- it was only meant for on the road listening for Mel and the band
8- until finding this CDR promo i’d never known about BC giving his copy (with his writing) away to Virgin Germany and i don’t think it was meant to when he asked EA; i gather it was an act of gesture and spontineaty on BC’s part as per the letter included
9- this CDR is sourced from BC’s ‘master" which in fact is EA’s CDR rip from the album’s vinyls