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I’m back. My precious. 8)


SO SO SO SO SO SO very very very deserving to win this dear Arthur!!!

this ONE show in The Hague, this one show, recorded too… at: Paard van Troje, or: Paard (short for the whole name of the venue, the one the venue currently uses too, by the way); no less than an awesome and astonishing 17+ years ago too!!!… > just to see this poster was a joy to me, finally, to see a poster from so long ago, from here, in The Netherlands; from a show too, even!, which was one of the very first i ever got when i branched out from the official releases collecting into the first steps of bootlegs and live-recordings… i recall the over-sped ‘RAWK’ boot clearly… still; hearing the band live then and there was bliss!!!… :)

dear Arthur: i can already see this neatly pro-framed like your other gems in your house! a highly valued and coveted addition to your collection and one of the truest ones too, in a special way, as this is your home town!!! :)

love your TAFH-award, love your MCIS-award, love your PI-poster, ADORE your Metro New Years Eve poster…, still, Arthur: this is back where it really belongs!…

enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!—

see you soon :)
see you this weekend, with loads more TSP- and other talk to follow; no doubt! :)

great buy Arthur!!!
(i wanted to grab this too of course, learning you had your eyes on this one, i of course backed out!- although it’s a latter date one, my massive format Utrecht-poster (and: my Pinkpop-posters) are the same to me, like this one to/for you… this one is deservedly yours i thought! and i’m very, so very glad you won it!!!- congrats!)