Reply To: Price of sealed ’91 Gish vinyl?

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According to discogs the 2000 version has the word "remastered" below the barcode and this one does not.[/quote:1667z9jq]
For many reasons I don’t always trust Discogs information. The people contributing there are not as ‘freaky’ as our little community. However, I notice one missing link: the matrix codes. It’s not on SPfreaks, shame on us. :oops:

Matrix codes still should be filled in for this item. Anyone? Or is Cool just saying that the matrix code is HUTLPX2 on this upload? ("The matrix code on the vinyl even contains the "HUTLPX2" id.")

Then, MayonaiseBoy, you might also want to ask the seller one last time, to provide these matrix codes. That is, if he happens to have more copies of those 8 ordered and received, with one of them opened. Of course he wouldn’t want to open the sealed copy he is trying to sell… :lol:

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