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[Yeah, well, Ultramega OK and Louder Than Fuck (Love) is pretty ok, but I totally love Superunknown and Down On The Upside. I’ve got D.O.T.U on LP, but it’s really not that rare (and the artwork is so gorgeous :P ) . My favourite song has definately got to be Burden In My Hand. That one is awesome. We need more musicians like Kim Thayil and the gang![/quote:2su1maop]

I dont really like Louder Than Love album, theres a few good ones, and thats it i think.

I dont know if you know this one.Its a EP they did, and its called Songs From The Superunknown.Its outtakes and B-sides from that era, you should check it out.

Burden In My Hand 8) 8) 8) The b-side song from the Burden In My Hand singel called Karaoke is probo the best song they ever did.That one is fucking awesome.

Blow Up The Outside World is a true masterpiece. 8)

In loving memory of Bimbolin.