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and a question in response to your original question: do you know if the audio on that german promo is identical to one of the well-spread sources (spifc, q101, virgin)? or if not, is it inferior to those?

i don’t remember where i heard this, but somewhere in my memory it says this source isn’t really that good. i might be wrong.
anyway, this could have an influence on what people might want to pay for it. i mean, sure, it is rare as hell, but if it turns out to be sourced from mp3s from a source that runs a bit too fast, for example, then it loses a lot of its magic, in my opinion.[/quote:1r3hyn6f]

That’s actually a pretty valid point. I kind of overlooked why people obsess over obtaining the official M2 Virgin promos, being that they are sourced from the highest quality. If the DE promo is of lesser quality, I’d still be willing to shell out $500, just due to rarity, but I can understand others not wanting to spend a lot on such an inferior quality copy (if that is in fact true).

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