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Wouldn’t they call any cd they use to make a couple of promo copies a "master cd", no matter what the quality is?[/quote:99zbt8kp]
True, I guess so. But think of it. Billy and the Pumpkins come to Europe, and Billy takes a few CD’s with him to play in the tourbus, or let some record company bobo’s here and there listen to it. Kinda "look what I did, and you missed out". The letter states otherwise by the way, but whatever. Billy creates the vinyl, and burns this CD (or a few), most probably from the same studio master. Like this his copy is well sourced, and so is the copy given away by Virgin Germany. Because they didn’t create new artwork for it, and only a 1 page letter, I guess it was just a fun thing for them to do for a little group of people. When Virgin Germany figured out who of the receivers is most likely a Pumpkins fan, it might be unlikely that many copies of this promo pop up on the collectors market. This would explain a bit higher price: the availability and the high quality of the tracks. As far as I know the US and UK 4CD promo sets are all vinyl sourced, this Virgin Germany CD might have a source higher up in the ranks. Untill any of us has listened and properly researched this, nobody can tell. These are my "guts feelings" guesses for the moment.

And I’m hoping to find it someday, for example on the "Mega Platen en CD Beurs" in Utrecht Holland, the biggest record fair in the world (as they claim themselves, it’s organized every year in April & November, for your information). For just 5-25 EURO because some shopowner doesn’t know what it is and he thinks yeah well, all handwritten stuff, wtf is this, let’s see if some stupid guy (which would be me 8) ) is willing to pay something for it. With this attitude I found many French Delabel promo’s, Machina early acetates and so on, in Utrecht and elsewhere. Be patient, and not the whole market is on the internet, that’s my tip to all collectors…

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