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i think he let someone else create the cd (he can’t do this himself), sourced from a vinyl. all machina II’s out there are vinyl sourced.[/quote:ebrpq8rc]
Why are you against the idea that this CD "could" be from a better source as vinyl? Just put it in a timeframe; they record tracks as late as July 2000 (for example White Spyder @ CRC), the vinyl must be pressed in August then, maybe early September, the 25 vinyl sets are "released" (given away) on 2000/09/05 and on 2000/09/16 the Pumpkins are conquering Europe (Germany) already. Meanwhile this specific CD is patiently waiting in the tourbus, ready to be given away soon.

Billy is indeed not the greatest technician, but why not ask for 1 or a few cd’s in the vinyl pressing factory? Or the other way around, how did he bring the tracks for MII to the vinyl pressing factory? The latter could mean he might have given away… the handwritten CD Master! I’m not straight away buying it that Billy plays 2 records (or let someone else play 2 records) just to get this CD.

Again, all this is pure speculation from my side, as I have not listened, let alone researched this beauty.

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